Golf Trolley Batteries – Care and Maintenance Tips

Electric golf streetcar battery duration relies upon the quantity of golf adjusts played and a large group of different variables. Those elements include: 1) the times the battery is charged, 2) recurrence between charges, 3) length of charge, 4) measure of charge waste, 5) measure of inactive time, 6) capacity conditions and 7) term of generally speaking rack time.

Following is some data about factors influencing battery duration and tips about caring more for your golf streetcar battery.

General Data about Golf Streetcar Batteries

Golf Streetcars use what are 12v lifepo4 battery  “profound cycle” batteries

Typical life is 150 to 250 charging cycles (~ 150 – 250 rounds of golf).

At the point when released it can take around 8 to 12 hours to charge completely.

The battery and charger that accompanied your streetcar are remarkable. They ought not be supplanted with batteries/chargers routinely accessible in retail locations as these might have restricted life.

Utilizing inconsistent batteries/chargers could harm your electric streetcar and void the guarantee.

Suggestion – Contact a manufacturing plant administration rep. prior to attempting to supplant a battery or charger.

Battery Posts: Red is positive; Dark is negative. In the event of substitution, reconnect the shafts accurately; generally your streetcar could experience extreme harm.

Wellbeing Insurances:

Try not to dismantle

Wellbeing Danger!

Try not to toss into a fire – Likely Blast!

Try not to contact the electric posts – Security Danger!

Charge in a very much ventilated region

Try not to charge in a fixed compartment or in topsy turvy position.

Try not to charge close to a radiator, or where heat gathering might happen.

Tips on New Batteries:

Before the main utilization of your battery, put it on charge for 12 to 24 hours to “initiate” it.

New batteries take 2-3 adjusts and charging cycles prior to arriving at full working potential.

Tips on Battery Charging and Support: Adhere to your maker’s guidelines – – most suggest the accompanying systems:

Associate battery link plug with charge, then plug the charger into a power source. During charging cycle the Drove on the charger will show a squinting green light (or a consistent red light). While charging is finished the light will transform into a consistent green light. Turning off the charger and utilize the battery is presently OK.

Completely charge before the main use.

Try not to leave the battery on the charger. Eliminate it from the charger after charge is finished.

Re-energize your battery as quickly as time permits after 18 holes.

Try not to completely release the battery by “exaggerating” it. as this could abbreviate battery duration.

Try not to keep your battery associated with the electrical plug during delayed blackouts.

Try not to store the battery in the vehicle trunk or other high-temperature regions.

Tips on Putting away a Golf Streetcar Battery for the “Slow time of year”:

Ensure the battery is completely energized prior to putting away.

Eliminate the battery from the charger. Disengage charger from the power supply.

Store in a cool dry spot. Ideal is around 60 degrees F; 40 to 80 degrees F ought to be alright.

Store the battery so that air can get around all sides and the top.

“Top off” the charge occasionally (about each 4 to about a month and a half ought to be alright)

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